What is the Media? – My Media Diary

In our lecture last week we were asked, ‘What is the Media?’. Everyone has a different view on what Media actually is. Before last week, I tended to think that is was to be the different forms that we see such as TV, radio etc. I now see it to be the information that is passed onto us via the different mediums that the media takes up.

I have now since completed a media diary which can be found here.

On reflection of doing this task, I think it shows a true representation of the types of media that I look at. The one thing that does surprise me is that I thought I read a lot more print media such as magazines and newspapers then what this shows. This could be down to a number of reasons. It could be that I tend to look at more print over the weekend or that I was too busy with work and my studies to actually read anything.

If someone who didn’t know me was to read my media diary, they would probably find that my life tends to be filled with lots of sport (e.g – FourFourTwo magazine, Talksport). It may also show that I’m quite ignorant to any non-mainstream media and that I’m maybe culturally ignorant. I believe that to be quite accurate and I feel personally that this is something that I have to change if I’m to do well on this course.

When comparing my media diary to someone 10 years ago, I suspect that there would be a lot less entries in regards to the Internet. This would probably the biggest thing missing mainly down to the fact that the Internet only began to blossom around 2003. I also feel that it would be a lot more reliant on print media as again, digital tv, freeview and satellite didn’t begin to go mainstream and hit homes until 2001 .

When comparing the diary to someone 100 years ago, it would be completely different. Print media would have been the main form of communication in the 1900’s as there wasn’t mediums such as film and tv around then. Basic film productions was available but only to the extremely wealthy. Radio broadcasting was just coming into the foray but this was in 1901 when Guglielmo Marconi made the first broadcast from The Isle of Wight to Cornwell. The Internet wasn’t even thought of back then so that wasn’t available and the BBC only started to broadcast their TV signals in 1932 to again, the extremely wealthy (there were around 2,000 Baird Televisors in use, costing £100 per set – Current day price, £4500).

Personally I feel that the Media today is a very ‘dog-eat-dog’ business. I feel that they try and stick to the big 3 forms of media (Print, TV and Film and Radio) too much and need to broaden their horizons. I appreciate that with the current state of the world, e.g – recession, it can be very tough for companies of which they need a quick return on their investments but taking a chance can have a real impact on many people.

With a massive increase in technology, the Media can be produced in many more different ways. Over the last 3 years, applications on platforms such as the iPhone and Android mobile handsets are becoming increasingly popular and can now be classed a form of media. The future of IP-TV (Internet Protocol Television) are also going to become a massive form of media. This is because of how easy it will be to access news feeds from sources such as the BBC, film from ‘Lovefilm.com’ and television shows from the BBC iPlayer, 4OD and ITV player. There is also a planned service to bring these sources altogether which will make it a mass appeal and more accessible. The internet is also gaining in stature and I’m sure that they will be another craze in the next 2/3 years time that may be compared to the same as what both Facebook and YouTube are going through now. All these new ideas, new forms of media and new technologies can only be a good thing for people like myself who want’s to get there pieces out into the wilder world. Because surely, your idea in more then one place has got to be better then just the one?


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