Street Art – My Piece and the Exhibition

This week we were looking at street art, futurism and looking further into what a piece of work is trying to say. We then had to look at the questions When, How, Why and What and how we should be asking ourselves these questions when looking at new pieces of media work.

We were asked to visit the Street Art exhibition in the Herbert Art Gallery and then come up with our own piece of work.

The picture is based around the current government of the UK and in particular, George Osbourne who is in charge of the country’s finances.

I came up with the idea for this piece of art as I don’t particularly like what the government is doing in regards to their cuts and how it should be a ‘warning’ to anyone who may be affected. I also like the idea of adding different colours into my art and I used both splashes of paint in blue and yellow to represent the coalition government’s two primary colours (Conservatives – Blue, Lib Dems – Yellow). Although I originally didn’t mean it to be like this, but from further looking at my art, the Warning sign is also in Red which is the oppositions color (Labour) whilst also being the natural colour for a warning.

In regards to our group manifesto, in relates in a number of ways:

Manifesto #1 – I feel that that the art I have come up with gives my true feelings that I don’t like the current Government in place.
Manifesto #4 – The art may upset people who have voted for conservatives and may not agree with my feelings towards the coalition.
Manifesto #5 – The art also shows my oppose to what George Osbourne is looking to do and how I need to give a warning to people.

The Exhibition

I also took massive inspiration from ‘Banksy’s’ artwork in the exhibition and how he uses lots of propaganda in his art. I also particularly liked how he implements short messages that are easy to convey but at the same time giving off a strong message.

This was the piece that inspired me. It shows that ‘Banksy’ is not scared in offering his opinion and that he conveys a clear message that’s easy to follow in regards to Americans killing British military personal.

Another piece in the exhibition that I felt was good was the one above. To me, it shows Banksy’s feelings towards how Tesco has a huge market share in the UK and how there are so many of them on the UKs streets. He also uses a child building sandcastles which again is soft imagery but all leading to one strong message. The sandcastles also seem to be leading to one huge building which may represent Tesco’s headquarters.

And the final one from the exhibition which I liked was again another Banksy image. I think that again, Banksy’s vision is clear here in regards to everything being under spotlight. This could be from the government, the police or from each other. I also feel that Banksy doesn’t like that there is no privacy.

Over the last week, Banksy has also been in the news in regards to a controversial new opening title scene that he has created for The Simpsons (above). This has received both good and bad press. The sequence starts just how a normal Simpsons opening title does but towards the end it switches to a grim setting of Asian sweatshops. After further research, Banksy was inspired by a BBC article in regards to the cartoons makers outsourcing most of their work to Asia. It shows that Banksy is not impressed with how they are working and also showing a firm stance on Asian sweatshops, how children are employed there and generally the commercialism that companies are incorporating.

However, the strangest thing that I find is that Fox studios want to use this sequence in their upcoming episodes. Is this because Banksy’s art is finally making a stance or is it because they feel guilty?


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