Trip to Oxford

On friday, we took a trip down to Oxford to visit 2 museums, ‘The Pitt Rivers’ and ‘The Ashmoleon’.

The first museum we went to was ‘The Pitt Rivers’. As you walked in, I was greeted with various stuffed animals and skeletons which kind of had a resemblance to the national history museum in London. After you went further into the museum, it showcased many different cabinet of curiosities ranging from ornaments, to jewellery, to weaponry and historic games. The pieces on show were really good and showed that the people who collected them were very committed to their favourite things.

This was a great experience seeing all these different cabinets and could relate this to the character we are trying to make in our group. The character we are making is very sporty and by looking at some of the cabinets with sporting equipment in, it shows that we need to have a broader mind into what his cabinet may hold.

The second museum was ‘The Ashmoleon’. I personally didn’t like this museum as I thought it was too spread out and generally didn’t have a lot of things that interested me. Saying that, there was a few pieces that got my attention (below).

The final piece above is a rune. I have been intrigued by runes since I was young and the inscriptions that they hold. I kind of feel that they hold some sort of mystic sense. Also on the day there was a performance from a group of musicians on the bottom floor which was quite good. The notes they were hitting were incredible and the music they produced was very soothing but felt very surreal because of the surroundings.

Overall, the day was enjoyable and both museum’s had their good parts. Unfortunately, I’m not a huge fan of museums anyway but I did take away some good ideas for my cabinet.


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