Feedback on our ‘Character’ – Neil Marseille

Today we had to present what we have done so far on our group’s character and his cabinet of curiosities.

So far as a group, we have come together 3 times to discuss our progress and completed a number of pages in our workbook (below are some snippets). We have each day come up with something new and fresh for our workbook and todays session was done so we could show what stages we have gone through and what we can do to improve it.

Before I begin on the feedback, I thought it would be good to give you an idea of the character we are trying to build. His name is Neil Marseille. He is 35 originally from Chicago but now residing in L.A. He was a professional Ice Hockey player up and until recently he played for the Pittsburgh Penguin. Now after losing the successful career he was building, he is now come full circle into what he liked as a child which was Art and Music. He is now currently running his own art gallery and is involved in a band.

If you like the sound of Neil, you can also check him out on Facebook.

Below is the snippets of our progress so far:

The feedback session today was very informative in what we needed to change or add to our character. For a start, we learned that we needed to make amendments into ‘Neil’s Collection of Items’ page. Instead of just have a standard dog, we need to get a picture of the type of dog it is. This can lead more into Neil’s personality and Steve gave a good example of a Rottweiler could link to Neil being angry, where-as a Chihuahua may represent Neil being camp etc.

Anything we could do is get more images of Neil’s life. We could get in touch with the Coventry Ice Hockey team and take some pictures or a video and then Neil becomes more real as we see what he liked doing most. We could also get one of the group to dress up and we can then get an image of them in the workbook. Another idea is to get some music from Neil’s band and play that as were presenting our idea.

All these ideas will show some kind of progression of our character which is vitally important for 2 reasons. The first is that it shows that we can bring new ideas to our character and new ways to show his life, and 2, it gives us more to work on when we come to another task where we use our character to produce a video project.


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