Workshop – Video Cameras

Today we had a workshop that I’ve been looking forward to for a few week. We were being taught the ‘art’ of using a video camera.

I’ve used video cameras in the past but not as sophisticated as the one we were being shown by Bex today. I was used to the point and shoot variety that many people use for covering holidays and celebrations but this device has a lot more to it. I liked the fact that everything is manual and will bring your own unique feel to what you are shooting which is good for learning new ways to shoot.

The camera’s also had their own microphones attached which is something that is also new to me. Again, have set them to manual mode will allow you to put your own stamp on your footage and you can set the volume to what works best with the shot you are taking.

The task we were set will also further my knowledge when working with this type of camera and it will make me feel more comfortable. I like that were getting tasks like this and using different pieces of equipment as it will only benefit us for the better further into our degree.


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