My scripts outline

This is my scripts outline. I went a bit deep into the story and I know it needs some work. Any ideas would be gladly appreciated!


SOPHIE is a widow living in Manhattan, New York. Her deceased husband, BRAD died almost a year ago fighting in Afghanistan for the American military.

On the eve of Brad ‘s death’s 1st anniversary, Sophie is preparing the final preparations for the “celebration” of his life. This is until she receives a knock at the door. As she opens the door, she cannot believe her eyes. It’s Brad. So many questions are running through her head and before she could speak, Brad injects something into her neck. She falls back and faints.

Sophie wakes up in a vacated warehouse tied up to a chair. Brad comes back into the room and reveals that his death was a complete cover up, his marriage with her was a sham and that he works for an agency. He also reveals that although he was told not to have feelings for her, he couldn’t help himself and was actually in love with her.

Sophie doesn’t understand what’s going on. Brad then reveals he has betrayed his agency and is now on the run. Unbeknown to Sophie is that the agency is also after her as she holds the key to removing the agency from their terrible acts. Inside her body, is an implant with a computer chip with valuable information on that Brad planted in her.

The couple now need to get away and get the information into the right hands of the FBI. The first port of call is an old friend of Brad’s, JASON, a surgeon given the task of removing the chip. This is until Jason betrays Brad and pulls a gun on him. Sophie at this point stabs Jason with a surgeons knife and they get away.

The pressure is getting too much on Sophie, the agency are on the chase after the couple and after various kidnapping and ambush attempts, she takes her own life. Brad is now inconsolable and it seems the roles have now reversed. Brad now takes up the opportunity to completely turn the tables on the agency. He cuts open Sophie and gets the chip.

Brad then tracks down MR.LEE, who runs the agency. He calls in favours from his closest friends and finally finds his man in Oslo, Norway.

As he stands face to face, he pulls out the chip and stamps on it, destroying the information. Mr.Lee feels like he has got away with his misdemeanours that is until Brad pulls out a gun and takes his revenge.

He then takes his own life as he now has nothing to live for since Sophie is not in this world anymore.


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