The Media & It’s Influences

“There have been a number examples where politicians or/and the print media have made allegations that music, film or video games have been responsible for injecting ideas into the heads of a vulnerable audience i.e. children and teenagers”.

My chosen media subject is the TV show, 24.

In what ways could your media object ‘influence’ the minds of a vulnerable audience?

24 has been a very popular show over the last decade both in the UK and oversees. The audience when watching it may feel that there is a lot of violence and some unjustified in certain situations. This may make them feel bad, particularly in scenes when the protagonist, Jack Bauer is torturing assailants. They may also feel that they is a huge amount of weaponry freely available in the world. 24 may also make the audience feel at harm if there is so much terrorism in the world or assassination attempts. This may also cause concern if there is the same type of attempt in the real world. I also think that it is very controversial how the governments and counter terrorism units “cover up” all the wrong-doings in the show and this may make people think if the same happens in the real world in which they could be in danger.

What possible negative ‘effect’ does this media object have on the audience and society?

There are many negative effects that the show might have on an audience. The first may be that people try to copy the protagonists actions and try to deal with problems on their own when in danger. Another could be that the audience might be scared that the Government might be covering up problems that the country is facing where-as they would like to be told and maybe put their mind at ease. As there is a lot of violence and killing in the program, this may have a negative effect on children who may watch the program also. The DVDs of the series which are sold come with a 15 rating, and with the increase of illegal downloading and streaming etc, it may be viewed by a younger audience which can have a negative impact on how they view the world and how things are done.


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