Lipdub Reflection

When we were first given the ‘lipdub’ task, I personally thought that it would be an impossible task and one that would probably take us well over the allotted time. How wrong I was.

To begin, as part of the small A5 group, we started to come up with some ideas that we could do as part of the overall task. Before this however, we knew we needed to do some research. It was a good job that I brought my Macbook with me so that we could look at some other ‘lipdubs’ that were produced. It soon became apparent that all of the videos used copyrighted music (which they probably could never afford to buy a license for) and they were al very polished. Looking at some of the descriptions it also showed that most of these videos took on average, 3 months to produce. I then panicked a bit more and decided to wait for the seminar for more clarification.

In the seminar, each group had a single representative (I was ours) who would become a contact for each of the groups. We then all talked about our favourite idea from our groups in which ours was a zombie themed idea going through the cathedral or the Ellen Terry building at night. Everyone liked the idea, but thought it was a bit out of reach for 72 hours as it would require lots of planning and costume hire. We then all decided to go along with an oblivious theme where a character is unaware of things going on around him, kind of like in the ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ video (below).

On the wednesday, we decided to meet up as the big A group to think of more ideas of what could be going on in the background, and to finalise the idea as a whole. We then came up with people who would be in charge of the task. Chris was decided upon as the cameraman and editor, James and Rumena to be the camera assistants and I became the director. It was a role I have never done before in the media world, but with vast background of management experience for different projects at college and at work, I became at one with it.

We then ran through the layout of the project a few times and what route we would take. You could call it a rehearsal, but we were still planning as we went along. After 7/8 run throughs, everybody was getting a bit bored and tired, so we decided to reconvine on Thursday at 6pm to film our piece. I went off into town to buy props such as balloons, party poppers and costumes.

On the Thursday, we all got together and did another run through of our piece. We ran into 2 major problems. The first was that the corridor we used for the start of the piece was being used by another group, and the second which was probably the most crucial as that the room we ended with, was also being used. We therefore had to completely change the ending of our scene which was disappointing as it would of been really good. I think this shows that we did need some more communication between the groups to see if there was going to be any problems whilst filming. We then changed our routing (which still worked ok, but not as good as before) and started to film. We only did 1 proper take and after looking back at it, everything seemed to go really well and we decided to run with it. The management team for the project then went back to Chris’s halls and started to edit the piece together with the music.

Overall, I feel that our ‘lipdub’ went well and was perhaps the best we could do within the time limit. Working in one big group was a bit of a pain as people weren’t turning up on time, some people were just dis-interested and there was perhaps too many voices trying to give an opinion. A lot of the time on Thursday was wasted, telling people who didn’t turn up prior what to do. Nobody seemed to listen when we were in the planning stages, and I don’t think that was down to my management skills. Saying that, the majority of the group did work well, but saying that, there were still a few people who gave off bad vibes and just stood back and waited for others to do things.

Personally I would love to arrange to do a proper version of a lipdub but I wouldn’t want to do this again in the same time frame that we had. With a good bit of planning, It could turn out really good, instead during it in 72 hours turned out to be a bit of a rush towards the end. The idea behind the task was really good however and was fun to work on. All that being said, if we had longer to do it, we could make something so much better and of better quality.


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