Genre is the term for any category of literature, as well as various other forms of art or culture e.g. music, based on some loose set of stylistic criteria (Wikipedia)


Genre in different types of media objects often share the same characteristics. These allow the user to know what they are viewing, what to expect and how to understand it. It’s a useful tool for producers as they can then fit their media piece perfectly to aiming at a certain group and  how they market it.

After completing the genre task, it is now become apparent that knowing the genre is of upmost importance when making a media piece. I didn’t really take much notice in genre’s but now after this task i look at it differently.

The 2 genres we chose were fantasy films, and RP (role-playing) games.

Both of these have many characteristics that differentiate them from other genres in their respective fields. For instance, RPG’s have fighting, monsters, a levelling system and weapons, which is very different to sports games for example. Fantasy films have folklore, lots of magic and a certain amount of mystery behind them. Again this can be compared to the crime drama where it would have things such as guns, murder, action and a strong narrative behind it.

Another thing that I have been opened up to is the consumer expecting to see something in certain genre’s that they wish to see. In our group we touched upon how other genre’s mix in to each other where it is unnecessary. For instance, you don’t really wish to see somebody like Hitler pop up into a romantic film. It just isn’t needed and would be unnecessary.

Personally, i now see how important it is for a producer to get the right mix of thing’s in a media piece when you are referring to a certain genre and particularly in how it can affect what we consume in terms of content.


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