Audio Drama – Neil Marseille

Over the last 3 weeks, we have been working on our audio drama in which we have to include a memorable piece of audio that has been taken from our character’s (Neil Marseille) life.

To begin, we came up with ideas for what we could include in the drama. Everyone was agreed that we wanted to include his injury and his divorce in the piece in some way. We then came up with the idea of maybe incorporating all this into a therapist session. So we took a draft script to our first feedback session. This is what we got during the session:

  • Will there be enough time to cover all 3 points? Divorce, sports injury and therapy session – won’t be able to go into detail, will be too brief.
  • Sounds as though it could be done as a movie trailer using a voiceover and montage or as an audio diary from the therapist of from Neil (that could be used by divorce lawyers or investigators) – this would be a good way to get all 3 items across – it gets something complicated over very easily.
  • Could just do a therapist session and have divorce and injury as a flashback. We’d have to think how do to get a flashback across in audio?
  • Could be diary (maybe therapists) – they could be readin it aloud as they write so therefore have pencil noises.

After this session it was clear that our piece would be incorporating too much so we then changed the idea to just incorporating 2 things, the sports injury incorporated into a therapy session. We then split up into smaller groups to complete the work that was needed. 2 were working on the script, 2 on soundbites and 2 on research into audio dramas.

We found a website called SoundJay which has lots of different soundbites, although we still had lots of other effects thanks to Soundtrack Pro on my Macbook. This was all recorded in our workbook.

After finalising our script we then did a few test recordings to see what it sounded like.

We met up today with our actors to record the script so I can start editing the audio piece.

The actors made a few mistakes but on the whole they did a great job and they worked really well. We had several different recordings of the script and I have been able to make a final recording of the script using Soundtrack Pro.

The recording is available here

All that’s left to do is include all the soundbites into the piece and finalise our commentary bit for the start of the piece. This should be completed in the next couple of days.

Overall, the group has worked fantastically well on this project. We have all bounced ideas off each other and all done a bit of work to help in the final audio piece.


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