Developing ‘Them’

So after long consideration, I’ve decided to ditch my original idea for my script and move onto another. The main reason for this is that my original idea is more set for a feature rather then a short script and it get’s rather complicated!

I have 4 different ideas that I would like to develop and put into scripts. What I tend to do is that when I think of a new idea, I either jot them down on my notepad or I put it on my iPhone as a note. I always find myself in different situations, I then daydream and come out with new ideas. It is quite weird. The hardest thing that I find though is actually getting the idea down into plausible means, i.e – a script. I would go into each idea in more detail, but as the blog is public I don’t feel comfortable with people maybe stealing ideas.

So one of the ideas for the short film/script was having a male character who is running away from a group of people, or shall we say ‘the unknown’. He then comes to a room of which the people inside don’t wish to help (the knocking on the door), he then has to convince them to help him before ‘the unknown’ get to him. The people who won’t help him do not know who ‘the unknown’ is nor does the audience or why they are after the male character. I thought that this will give great suspense to the script and leave people wondering when they either read or watch it.

Now I need to get it down onto paper (or celtx if you wish) which I tend to find the hardest part. Hopefully over the Christmas period I will get a good amount of time to get a draft copy up, pass it onto various people to get some feedback and have a finalised version for after the new year.


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