Researching Short Scripts

Before attempting to even possibly put pen to paper it is vitally important to do some research into short scripts.

The first point of call was the BBC’s ‘Writers Room‘. This website shows and highlights many tips for writers on what to include in the script and how to go about actually writing it.

The main points that I found from this site were:

  • A short film can last anything from 30 seconds, to thirty minutes as long as it has purpose and meaning.
  • It’s still a form of cinematic and really has no difference to a feature other then possibly you won’t make much money from them.
  • There is no limits to what can be included in a short.
  • Keep it simple, intriguing and visually entertaining (More for filming rather then writing).

I wish I had stumbled upon this site a lot quicker then I did as it would of also helped in making my radio documentary for a previous task!

With these thought’s in mind, I broadened my search to another site called ‘Simply Scripts‘. This site holds many scripts that you can look through and get ideas from and these cover a massive range of genres. This site is perfect for looking at how a script is physically written and it even has some scripts for feature films that have been made. This site has gave me some great ideas that I may wish to include in my script. Before looking at this site, I was kind of worried how to lay out breaks in conversation between 2 people but now looking at some of the scripts listed, I now feel a lot more confident in producing a script, at least in it’s layout, worthy of a look by people in the business.

And the final thing that I have looked at is the BBC ‘Film Network‘. This highlights ways on how to make the films, from writing, to production, to marketing and then distribution. It also showcases selected shorts that you can actually submit to the BBC for them to publish on the site and then you can receive feedback from both the BBC and people who watch the films.

I have watched about 30 of these films over the past week or so, ranging from Comedy, to drama and thrillers. They have all given me ideas on what to write in my script in the way of setting the scene and how the characters respond to each other. It has also given me other ideas in the way of editing the short films when we come to that aspect of the assignment in the new year.

I now feel a lot more confident in producing a strong and plausible script after looking at these various resources, without them, I would literally be lost!


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