Them – The Pitch to the Outline

So as you would have already read (You are looking at my blog, aren’t you?), I have completely changed my idea which was going to be way too long winded and have decided to go on another idea titled, Them.

This is my pitch:

  • A man escapes from the clutches of an unknown gang whilst desperately seeking help for a crime that he didn’t commit.

I think what this does is give the story a sense of mystery. It will make people want to know who the male character is, what has he done and who this so-called ‘gang’ is.

This is my outline for the script.

  • Jason is a 28 year old man living in rural suffolk. We first see him running away from a group of unknown individuals. It is apparent that he has done something to upset this group but what he has done, nobody but himself knows. He gets away only to find himself at a house of which the people inside won’t open. He eventually gets in only to be bombarded with questions. After calming himself down and stoping the people inside the house from phoning the police, he hears the group coming towards him and the house. He manage’s to get away but we are still none the wiser to why they are after him.

Again, this is still a massive work in progress and after receiving feedback from my peers, I’ve edited my script quite a bit as it was quite bare. It only really went up to 2 pages which wasn’t nearly enough for what I wanted and it was safe to say I had a fairly large amount of writers block. I’ve never had any problems writing storys or scripts before and I don’t know what has come over me here. Maybe it’s the bigger pressure being at University!!


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