Hybrid Forms

Lev Manovich’s article ‘Hybrid Forms’ talks about how the media has changed and developed massively over the decade from the 1990s to the 2000s. The traditional media that we see day in, day out, or the norm as we may call it, was starting to merge and combine during these years into what is now known as conventional media.

Now forgive me, I’m not great at picking apart articles to see what the author is really trying to say but I will do my best.

From what I can gather, Manovich talks about how the media has changed and has become more advanced, especially technologically. This is where his idea of the ‘hybrid media’ comes from. This also includes a mixture of different forms of media such as animation/music to complete  a new piece. This can be found in the music video ‘Californication’ by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers which also includes a video game aspect.

He adds that animation and animated graphics has become a major factor in movies being released in the 90’s and 00’s such as Toy Story or A Bugs Life (Both Pixar animated movies). He comments that the real world is mixing with the digital world in lots of different ways.

He ends on how important computers and the internet will be going forward as this will also create new hybrid forms. He also adds that the hybrid forms will always keep changing due to technology and people advancing.

Personally I thought the article was of more interest to a graphic design student however, as a media student it’s important to get lots of different views on media pieces.


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