P2P – The Treatment

After last week’s lecture, I’ve gone further into my project and got more facts about my subject and looked at the story i’m going to tell in the documentary.

Aaron is a die hard Coventry fan who on 23/2/2008 was involved in a football related violence with the citys local rivals Leicester, outside a pub in Coventry. He was subsequently charged with numerous public order and football related orders, was imprisoned and was given a 10 year football banning order. The story I want to tell is his version of events, how it affected his family, has it changed his passion for football, and what he wants to achieve in the future.

In regards to the style of documentary, I would like to film outside the Coventry ground (of which I need to gain permission from the club, currently in talks) and instead of just being in one spot, move around the ground and he can talk whilst moving. It would make a change from the many static documentaries. I would also includes pictures and video from the event which is freely available on the web. Music wise, I would like to end with the Coventry City theme (Sky Blue song) playing but I haven’t put much thought on the sound that will be used through the documentary.

I personally think there would be a big audience for this type of documentary. There was massive press when Aaron etc was sentenced as it was the biggest “put-away” of so-called hooligans for a number of years, so people may want to hear what they think on  1-to-1 basis. Also with the emergence of shows such as ‘Danny Dyer’s Hooligan’s’ there is quite a few people interested in this so called “scene”.


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