Final Script – ‘Them’

I’ve finally completed my short script for the 162MC module. I completely changed it from my original idea and although I would still like to do a horror film based on it, I thought for this assignment I would go with my new idea.

‘Them’ is the short story of a man named Jason who is being chased by an unknown. It follows his journey through one particular place, through 2 particular people. I would class it amongst the ‘Thriller/Drama’ category of genres. It’s the first time I’ve really written a script/narrative based on this genre and normally do comedy or war so this has been a challenge. I chose against doing a war script as it’s way too short of a film to base it upon and I also chose against comedy as I thought I would do something different.

The script is available to download as a PDF or as a Celtx file. I will be posting up my journey through the script and it’s stages through the pitch, it’s outline and the treatment.

I’ve left the story open to a sequel or prequel and If I get the chance, I may shoot it in the summer.


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