A-B Project – The Three Little Pigs… REMIX

As you might have seen in my previous post, I have decided to use the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ as my A-B project.

I have completed both a Prezi and a Googlemap to show my retelling of the story.

The prezi can be found here and my Googlemap is below. It looks better in either the ‘map’ state or in ‘terrain’. Make sure you zoom in!

Here are some screenshots showing my Prezi progress:

I enjoyed doing this task as it allowed me get to grips with more web 2.0 applications, especially Prezi which will be very useful in the future when wanting to present something in a different environment rather then boring powerpoint or keynote. I did encounter a few problems when using Prezi such as it being a flash based application and Apple products (i.e – my £1500 Macbook Pro!) not playing ball with Adobe’s fantastic software (sarcasm, hint hint). Also when you zoom out, a lot of the stuff you have already put down seams to move itself, which was pretty annoying!

Overall though I enjoyed looking into the history of my story and it shows that there is always more then meets they eye with any narrative.



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