P2P – Let’s go deeper

So after receiving some feedback from the idea’s that our group had, It was clear to say that our decision of going with Joe’s busker was not the most liked. The group were more interested in my subject of a football hooligan. However, I argued against the point as I didn’t really want to go filming in a prison, going through several CRB checks etc and taking out insurance for the equipment.

This being said, let’s just say we were thrown a bit of a lifeline when my subject was released and now as a group we have decided to go with that instead.

Over the last 2 weeks, as a group, we have came up with around 15 questions that we want to ask our subject. Most of the questions do lead onto further questions but it will be my job as the interviewer to try and lead on from our subjects answers to get him to go deeper.

As for locations, we have decided to film in a local working mens club where both mine and the subjects families goto which we feel will have a great setting to it rather then just being in a dull room. For filler’s, we are going to have the subject at the Ricoh Arena which will give some authenticity to the piece. We are still not sure whether to do any of the interview when walking around the ground, mainly down to weather and sound issues. This however will split the piece up well and be different to most of the other documentaries. We could loosely base it on the Danny Dyer series below.

In our group we have Tik and Joe doing the camera work, Gov doing the sound and myself interviewing our subject. We are filming on Tuesday in the club and on Thursday at the Ricoh Arena. We hope to get a rough edit complete on Friday and then perfect it during the final week.

Overall as a group we are very confident in getting a good piece together and are very happy in the timeframe we are giving ourselves.


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