Analysing 24:7 Documentary

One of my favorite documentaries over the few months or so has been the HBO production called “24:7 – Pens vs Caps – Road to the Winter Classic”.

Basically it follows the lives of two professional NHL teams in the USA as they gear up for the new year’s day Winter Classic. The Winter Classic is the second most prestigious event in the NHL calender behind The Stanley Cup.

What this documentary does it takes you behind the scenes to what the normal fan doesn’t see which immediately gives viewers an interest. By offering something perhaps unseen before, you offering a niche and therefore are able to take advantage of that.

What the show does it uses a mixture or archive clips, 1 to 1 interviews, prepared cutaways and a 3rd person view to what the team are doing. Most documentaries that I have seen follow the same patch but this one seams to be different by sort of holding a “no holds barred” approach.

Watching the documentary it’s clear that a few points arise:

  • Not a lot of women are involved, at all, even in the back office running of the teams. A further look into this shows that there is a competitive women’s ice hockey league in the USA so it’s strange why not many are shown or employed.
  • Players will do anything to gain an advantage.
  • American documentaries tend to go over the top and use a lot of scripts.

Still the documentary is enjoyable to watch for sports fans and I urge people to have a watch even if it’s not your cup of tea. This was only the first episode of 4 that are going to be shown. It uses lots of nice camera angles and shots and mixes both archive footage with the shot footage really well.


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