Creating an Impact, A Reflection

Making an impact in the media world….it’s a tough nut to crack. You have to now look at non conventional ways that may amaze or stun the viewer. 9 times out of 10, this will make the viewer take note. For me, it’s all about doing something different.

Take a look at this for example:

When watching this video, you wouldn’t think that it’s trying to sell a car. However, when you hear the music you can immediately relate it to ‘The Sound of Music’ which accompanies the video well. You then intrigued to see what they are making with all the cake materials. I would put a pretty large sum of money that most people felt the same way. This makes an impact because it’s engaging the consumer into thinking about what happening, and then about the product. Looking through the long list of the same video on YouTube, it’s at least made an impact on over 3 million people.

These adverts are exactly the same:

These also include “mash-ups” which are again another way to create an impact. By combining different aspects of different things (Citroen Advert – Techno Music/Cars/Transformers) they create a impact as consumers can relate to the advert and will then tell others about the same thing.

Branding is also very important when creating an impact. Brands are everywhere you look. I will almost guarantee that everything you use, buy or even view will have a brand of some kind on there. For me, learning about branding is kind of ‘old hat’. I know how important branding is, I studied it in college and was close to doing advertisement, branding and design as a degree before I chose media production.

I see branding as more then a logo, colour or font, however these are very important aspects that i’ll come back to. A brand sends out a message, it’s a DNA of sorts. It’s the forefront of your business or company and it’s important that it makes an impact. When looking at different companies and their advertisement campaigns, you will see a lot of what the company believes in, for instance:

The Nike advert shown above relates to the company. It has action, a high class, it’s crisp, energetic. All these words completely tie-in with the brand. With the media, the brand wouldn’t evolve and by mashing-up, creating new content, it takes the brand further.

Going back to colour and font etc, obviously they are important, but what really is important about them is the culture that they are related to. For instance, colours mean different things in different culture, an example being in the east, red is associated with marriage where in the western world it is white.

Web 2.0 apps I feel are rejuvenating brands in a way. It offers a niche for a smaller brand to overtake famous brands by allowing buyers to express their a preference usually through a clever marketing scheme.

Looking at the future, I feel that as a media producers it is vitally important to think about new ways to get your products out into the big wide world. Social media is now the number 1 used feature on the Internet and not to use those to my advantage would be a massive mistake. And with the youth of this world getting into technology and social media a lot earlier then the current crop of public, there is a massive opportunity to get a loyal set of followers/customers.


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