Abra, Kadabra, REPACKAGE!

So here it is, my repackaging of content from some of the work that I have done during the year.

After toiling with many ideas (Of which Mez said I had too many which wasn’t needed) I kind of mashed up those ideas and came up with whats above.

I used my character, Neil Marseille from our groups audio drama, the sonic postcard involving Coventry and my own Cabinet of curiosities (top of page).

I used a mixture of iMovie, Camtasia and my iPhone to create my piece and by utilizing all these programs, I was able to produce a piece what I think is of good quality.

Below is some screenshots of what I was working with.

Overall I’m really happy with the final piece, it enabled me to use different pieces of software and made me think of new ways of changing already created content and make something new out of it.


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