Development, A Reflection

The whole way through this module, the different pieces we have been shown have sort of opened my eyes into how the media world is progressing and in my opinion, if you don’t jump on, you will get left behind very quickly.

I already knew that the world is moving into a digital space and by looking at what we have been taught, it safe to say I was right. Technology is making massive leaps and is effecting everyday life now in the form of texts and emails taking over letters etc. The older methods are now laughed at. It is quite a scary thought.

During the module itself we have been introduced into various new web 2.0 tools which are built to try and enhance viewing and move away from the conventional same. Some of these tools include Prezi, Googlemaps, Wordle and Xtra-normal. You can also use the standard set of editing tools to also enhance creative just like “Cassetteboy” does on his YouTube clips. By learning these tools it has enabled me use new skills to create something different. I’m quite confident at learning new things quickly and I think you can see that by the artifacts that I have made.

I have never ever tried out these tools for myself but once I started to have a go you quickly realise how powerful they can be. However, with powerful tools, problems do arise. Prezi and Apple Mac OS X do not like each other (flash problems), Googlemaps don’t embed like they say they do and Wordle splits up words which should go together like ‘Ice Hockey’. Once I had overcame these problems, I still felt confident in using the tools to the best of their abilities. I personally think it’s important that you try and fix problems yourself. For one it gives you a sense of achievement and secondly, you can save yourself time.

By learning lots of new tools and software programs, it gives you an edge when you come to apply for a job. Rather then specifically have 1 unique skill, you have a mixture of them all which is what employers are going to be looking for in the future. Less jobs = a more varied and more skilled workforce.

As a Media producer, it is now time to move on from the conventional point, shoot, edit times of the last 20 years and move on to being a digital creative. This will give you a new range of tools that will enable you to excel when it comes to the real world.

Overall I have found this module highly enjoyable. This is me being down to a geek in a way. I love finding new things to play with and the module has opened my mind to the various things around on the Internet. In the past I would look at a website and do nothing with it, not any more, I tend to see how powerful it could be and how much use it could be to me in the future.


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