Legion, A Reflection

Over the past 2 weeks, our group which consists of Joe, Tik and Gov have been working really hard to make our P2P project a success. Personally I think that what we have made is more then that.

To start off with, the subject that we chose could not have been better. Aaron had plenty to say on football hooligans, his life and his family, so much so we have over 45 minutes of footage that we havent had a chance to use. The location that we chose to film the interview was very helpful, it was a big space a a good atmosphere being inside a pub so you can hear glasses being used etc but not so much that it blows away the actual voices.

The big problem that I found with the whole project was the editing side. It wasn’t that the software wasn’t playing ball or we didn’t know how to do different things, it was that we had too much good footage and it was a pain to trim down to 3 minutes. As I said before, we still have at least 45 minutes left unused. We sat there on Monday night with 2 clips of about 30 seconds that would have been great to use but we just didn’t have space to put anything else in. When I first started the task I said to myself, “3 Minutes? Wow, I’m going to need a lot of footage” It turns out that you don’t actually need as much as you think! If the task asked for 5 minutes, I think that our documentary would have suited it a bit more and would have been packed with great footage.

However saying that, doing the project as a whole has been really good fun. It’s been great going into more detail about football hooligans and about the actual event itself when Aaron got jailed. Researching for this piece also allowed me find some good archive footage to use in the film and it also allowed me to find similar pieces like the Danny Dyer documentaries for Bravo TV. Also going out getting permission to film in certain areas and sorting logistics has gave me some invaluable experience. I found that it’s important not to be shy because most people are happy to help if they can, not that I’m a shy person anyway!

On the evening of the interview, I went and set up the room and then went to pick the guys up. As soon as got back to the venue we got on with the interview straight away and we were done in about an 1hour. It was remarkable how much it went according to plan without any hiccups…. or so we thought. When I got home I captured the footage from the 2 cameras we used, and then I went to get the backup audio from the marrantz machine we used. Turns out, it didn’t work so we had to rely on the audio from the cameras. This is a major hint to anyone reading this post, make sure you have spares of audio at every opportunity. We set up to take 3 copies, we only got 1!

Being in a group with like-minded people also helped. The 4 of us got on really well with each other especially when It came down to the edit. Everybody came to my house over the weekend to edit the piece. To start off with, we watched the interview again and jotted down the timelines for each questions (picture below) and decided which ones we wanted to us. We chose this over a conventional editing method as we felt most comfortable doing it this way. After this we decided what fillers we wanted to use and which part of the interview we wanted to just use the audio from. We then took it it in turns to come up with a running order for the piece and suggested that we started getting stuff down on the timeline and change it around as soon as were happy with what we have got. From then it was just of case of rearranging pieces like a jigsaw really and adding final touches and it was complete.

Oh and it was a nightmare getting the footage back to DV tape. It’s seams like camera’s don’t like to play ball at times of need but after several attempts and a whole load of YouTube tutorials, we finally got it on there.

Overall I enjoyed the assignment and would love to go into more detail on my subject. I may decide to make a longer version, a directors uncut version of sorts in the summer. If I was to offer a few words of advice on this assignment in the future, I would suggest that 3 minutes should be the minimum and 5 minutes the maximum for the final edit.


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