The start of NET TV

Today we were given our roles for the NET TV project that we are completing in our final term. Final term… already, it’s gone really quick! However, let’s not dwell on that, let’s talk about the roles.

Obviously, there are many roles to be undertaken for a TV show to be successful and it’s also important to get into the role which would give the group and myself the best chance to be successful. Personally, I only ever really wanted one of two roles, either presenter or graphics. When it came down to the vote, 5 people applied for the presenting job and after listing my various skills that would aid the role, I didn’t get voted in. I was genuinely quite upset. Personally, I don’t think we know each other well enough yet to make these kind of decisions so each of us should of got a fair crack of the whip. Where-as I feel that the votes were done on friendship rather then skills. However, I did get the graphics job which I’m pleased with as I have some good skills to highlight in our production.

After a few practice run’s with little to no show, I started to get to grips with the DEKO machine. The DEKO machine is a graphics aided tool which is directly hooked up to the vision mixer. After playing around with it, I found out that it was completely rubbish, so I decided to make the graphics in photoshop, then load them into DEKO as a JPEG which is perhaps the best way of getting around it.

In the afternoon session, we started to finalise our actual show which was based on the theme of ‘Fantasy’. Lots of ideas were branded around which some made sense, a lot didn’t, however we decided to run with a ‘rude-tube’ experience program (Channel 4). My idea of adding a vampire video into the Fantasy theme was also included and also my idea of making the show based on ‘living a dream’. Therefore we decided that it should implement Vampires, fairies and Quidditch.

Reflecting back on the day, only one word can be used to describe it…. ‘draining’. Trying to get your point across to 12+ people at one time is a very hard skill, and when you keep getting interrupted you just feel like saying, ‘shut up and listen to me’. I can tell that this project is going to have lots of up’s and an equal amount of downs and it’s going to be vitally important to keep calm and a level head during this whole experience.


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