Them & Hidden Agenda, A Reflection

On the whole, the scriptwriting and editing process has been a great help for me. It has given me a great insight into how scripts are prepared, written and laid out. As for editing, It will give me a boost for when I come to major projects in the next 2 years.

First let me talk about the script writing process. Even though it was my first script writing it to industry standards, I felt the whole process throughly engaging whilst it also enabled me to delve deep into a massive mind bank that I didn’t think I had. As I would of said before, I had 4/5 ideas that I could of written a good script about but I decided to put all my efforts into one which I thought was quite mysterious yet thought provoking. My final piece, titled ‘Them’ may not be the best written script in the world but you can’t say it’s through the lack of trying. I personally think by putting a lot of effort into a piece, you will finally come out with something your happy with, and that’s is what has happened.

Throughout the process of writing the script, I was always looking for feedback from both my peer’s and others. This gave me valuable input into what I was writing and without it, I think what I would have produced could just be classed as ‘rubbish’.

One thing that I did find a problem with was when I was writing, I was already looking in advance into the production of the piece and I feel that by doing so hindered my actually creativity in writing. In some ways, I wish I didn’t know we were producing the scripts.

Now onto the editing side of the assignment. The script that I chose to edit was Sean Maitland’s. It was originally called ‘The Creepy Stalker’ but I thought it was a bit ridiculous for a film to be called that, so I renamed my version to ‘Hidden Agenda’.

I have had a go at editing before but nothing in comparison to what stage everyone else on the course has probably had. I said to myself at the start of the year that editing was the biggest challenge that I had to face head on if I wanted to do myself any justice. It was great to give my creative side a go in this task by choosing different angles for shots, using different cuts and mixing all the sound effects.

I never had any real problems in actually editing the footage, I spent a good 2/3 days initially getting my timeline sorted and then I came back to change bits around and make final adjustments to the sounds and to add titles and credits.

I’m really pleased with the final products. It shows that I am developing my skills in lots of different areas including the whole production aspect. I also want to further enhance my technical skills and I have booked myself on a course in the summer for Final Cut Pro which I hope to give me an advantage when we start next year.

Overall I have felt this module to be the most enjoyable as it has enabled me to be creative whilst getting a go at all the steps necessary in making a short film.


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