Lets get Graphic’y!

Today I started to create some of the graphics for our TV show. I had a small meeting with the set designer, producer and director to see what they wanted me to come up with. The original idea was to go with a dark theme, with lots of different coloured lighting going on. My only thought on this is that it would be quite dull. However, the other 3 decided it was the best idea so I had to role with it.

So that evening, I loaded up my Macbook and started to look up different live TV shows on the iPlayer and the ITV Net Player. The shows I looked at were ‘The One Show’, ‘This Morning’, ‘The Graham Norton Show’ and ‘ITV News’. All the graphics that these shows used were simple, sharp, matched with the set and most of all effective as they stood out. With this in mind, I loaded up Photoshop and I started to put a few ideas down onto canvas. Then the producer text me to say we changed from a dark set, to a lighter set with a sky background which I was very happy with as the ideas I had would look much better implemented with a lighter set.

These were the first ideas for a logo and a contacts page:

These I felt weren’t very effective, especially the contacts one. It had to background or feel to it but it was a good start to getting the icons in and looking good. As it was getting late I decided to head to bed to give myself a fresh start to a complete set of graphics tomorrow. Look out for my blog post tomorrow which should have all the created graphics in to work with on our first proper run through on Thursday.


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