Finalised set of graphics for NET TV

In regards to my last blog post, I did say I would post my finalised set of graphics the following day, but as sod’s law would have it, my Macbook fried itself during the night. I left the power in, but didn’t shut down properly which for some strange reason, fried my HDD and memory so It was sent off for repair. I only got it back 2 days ago, and so, finally…here are all the completed graphics for NET TV.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Most of these graphics originally had a grey banner going through them (instead of the clouds) but I thought that adding a sky with clouds would look good with the backdrop of the set.

The opening titles are also available to view on Youtube. I’ve posted it below.

The feedback I received off everyone in my group was really positive and I felt really good about the job I did. All that was remained for me to do was to fix the locations of the logos and writing so that it looked ok on the broadcast.


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