Net-TV is becoming a reality.

So it’s the first day after the easter break and our first proper rehearsal. The script and VTs have now been set in stone, the graphics are being adjusted slightly as to not overrun on the screen size and the guys on the studio floor are becoming a lot more confident in their roles.

The one major problem that i’m finding in the set. Now as a group we have chosen a light coloured set, but we havent agreed on any colour schemes other then being “the sky”. This needs to be done ASAP so as I can tailor the colours on my graphics. As i understand it, this will be sorted by the next rehearsal at the end of the week.

We have now finalised our guests. We have ‘Trish’ who will becoming our vampire guest, and Steve Archer who is a friend of Govs who will be performing a song he has written named “Wolf”. Both guests are coming in at the end of the week to rehearse which is great. You normally don’t get very willing people who are not part of the group to come in and rehearse so it is a massive thanks to them that they are doing it.

Overall, things are looking good. There is a good atmosphere in the group which is nice to work in, and some banter too which is again nice to be a part of. The production itself is looking neat and tidy, but just needs a little work to polish especially on the script and of course the set, both I hope are sorted by the end of the week.


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