Final Rehearsal

So on the eve of the big day, the group got together to go through the final bits and pieces for our production. As we were the last group to rehearse, and the first to complete our task, we were able to get everything together as it would look on the final take. In that case, we got the set up which looked perfect, got the autocue running on time and got the graphics machine chrome-keyed with the vision mixer desk.

We went through about 9 takes and they all went pretty smoothly. We even made some changes to the script which I think shows how confident we were in both our presenters and program. Making changes late on in the production may come to be a bad idea, but if we do it in the way we did rehearsals, then it will be perfect.

The group as a whole is still working well, but some people are still not turning up which is a concern. Although they are not vitally important to the production, it’s getting the team down a bit as its the same people time and time again, but I guess that’s group work for you. The producer and director are doing a good job at keeping spirits high, but there is a buoyant mood in the camp so it’s not as bad as it may seem.

After todays sessions, I feel that everything is going according to plan, our production is strong and on the whole, comparing to where other groups are at, I think were miles ahead of probably what’s expected on us. I hope we carry the momentum into the morning’s recordings.


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