Creating a Website

For our final hand in, we have been asked to create a website to showcase and highlight our work during the term. This is one of the things that I’ve been looking forward to as I feel I have a bit of a talent in designing things.

Firstly I find that the most important thing is to design your project roughly before you go straight into making it. This gives you a plan to stick to, and you won’t forget things that you may have thought of, but then forget them when you come to doing the project. These are 2 mock-up’s that I originally made on paper, but transfered it to photoshop.

After getting a basic design set it place, I then went to Kuler to design a color scheme that was both web safe and fitted with my design. I finally came up with a white, black, dark grey and blue combination which Kuler had preset as a ‘top pick’.

Next was to create a logo and banner. This is one of my favorite things to do. There are times in my boring life when I just sit and create logos and banners for various things but this needed something different. Most sites that I visit have a very plain and basic banner but it does the website justice. Therefore, i decided to just have my name, in a kind of 3D effect with some effect blurring and a few catchline words that interpret me as a media student. This is the final banner design.

Next up was a logo to incorporate on my homepage. The idea behind this was to click this logo before coming into the main site. I thought that this would give it a sense of professionalism. However, after building the logo and putting it on the site, I just felt it didn’t work, although I think the logo still looks good. I would show it, but unfortunately the file has corrupt itself, but I can describe it. It was the letters dA engraved in a block of silver metal, which was then put into a film strip which had a grunge effect to it.

Now that I have set everything up, it was then just a case of putting the site together using a web tool. During our workshop sessions we had the opportunity to get to grips with Adobe Dreamweaver. I personally think Dreamweaver is an awful web creation tool unless your good with HTML coding. SO therefore, I decided to look at two web based tools called ‘Moonfruit’ and ‘Tumblr’. After registering with both sites, I soon found out that you don’t really get the full list of tools or themes available unless you pay for them, which I don’t really need to do considering I have the skills to create the themes in photoshop if need be. So I headed off to iWeb on my Mac which is a very simple program yet powerful creating fantastic looking sites. It was just a case of importing the logo’s, banners, boxes and writing the text once I had my canvas laid out. The one big problem I found is that when testing the site, my hyperlinks for Facebook, Twitter and WordPress weren’t working. This was because iWeb doesn’t recognise transparant boxes, so to overcome this, I had to delete them, then bring the box in first and then overlap the logo’s over the top. After that, it was then just adding the content using ‘Smart Widget’s’ which basically allow you to add audio and video from Youtube in a box.

Overall I’m really pleased with the site. It’s crisp, clean, smart and performs to web safety regulations. It also clearly shows what the website is about, and is easy to navigate with a clear design which the user can easily pick up.

[Download site as a folder here – Open folder, Click index.html to load the site]


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