Evaluating the Module & NET-TV – ‘Fantasy’

Looking at the module as a whole, I personally feel that it has been the most interesting and most intriguing module that we have completed this year.

Learning how to use Web 2.0 tools and social media websites in ways other then their intended purpose has been very eye opening. I’m now learning to use tools to try and promote myself as a media producer and getting my work to places that may be otherwise unreachable. We also started to mash-up several pieces or work together to make a new narrative which was great as this enables you to use your work in different ways that may interest people who wasn’t necessarily interested in the original piece. Getting to grips with the equipment in both the radio and TV studios was also great. It was nice to get some hands-on experience which over the course of the other modules we haven’t really done. After the course, I want to go into either TV or radio and by learning the different roles, equipment and setup’s, it gives me some vital experience for when I come to get a job, so I thank the module for that.

The assignments as a whole were also enjoyable to do, which you don’t normally say about assignments. The first one enabled me to open my mind and be more creative with my work, use new presenting techniques and how to manipulate my own work to make it different. The TV assessment allowed me to be in a professional working environment, built my teamwork skills with people I didn’t really mix with and give me a specific job role which enabled me to concentrate for the good of the team’s performance.

I feel that my peers feel exactly the same way about the module and the main reason for this was the practicality of what we were assessed on, the lectures held interesting information that proved vital and it was presented in a light and engaging way. It’s just a shame that this module doesn’t continue in the same way in year 2.


I think when you look back at our groups final NET-TV episode, it’s plain to see that somethings went well, and other’s didn’t. The project as a whole though was a success, but it wasn’t without it’s difficulties.

As a project, I personally enjoyed doing it. However, that can’t be said for some people in the group. It just seemed to me that certain individuals weren’t bothered by not turning up, participating in discussions or didn’t offer to help when the group needed something doing. It’s so annoying and I often think to myself that these people knew that group tasks would have to be done on the course, why did they bother signing up? However, the majority of the group did pull their weight and worked really well. There was good communication which was surprising for a group of these size, and the hierarchy did well to organise things.

Now let’s look at the group’s individual jobs.

When looking at the presenters, I think they seemed a little nervous and un-easy, which obviously you have to take into account them not being in this situation, but considering we used our final take (the 5th one), those nerves should of passed a lot quicker. They didn’t ad-lib enough, and unfortunately, for these types of shows, you need to show a bit of imagination and go along without the autocue guiding you along every step. It’s very clear that the presenters relied on the autocue way too much, but we have to hand it to them for giving it a go, for what I gather was a first go at presenting a TV show. They spoke clear and precise when reading their lines, acted warm and were very engaging especially during the interview stages. They took to the roles well, and did well at wrapping things up during the interview. They also learned to keep an eye on the floor manager well and at the end of our practice sessions, were learning which cameras to look at.

Staying out on the set, the camera operators did a really good job, offering good camera angles and by actually listening to the director and moving the camera where their own one was not on ‘take’. The floor was organised well by the floor manager and the runners did there jobs well.

Audio is also vitally important and after a few takes, the studio sound and gallery sound got it spot on. They overcame problems with equipment really well, especially gallery sound who had to work with a new sound desk for the final sessions after getting use to the old one so well.

Inside the gallery, the director was alert, focussed and very determined to do his job correctly, of which he succeeded. The vision mixer also did his job well, however, the final version we did, I thought that it was probably his worst attempt but it still looks good which shows how much of a high standard he was working too. The PA kept time well and was very clear in her instructions. The VT producer played the tapes at the right place and kept aware to where we were in the show. The autocue also went without hiccups, as well as the lighting which showed off the set and our presenters well. The lighting also looked good on our musician, Steve, which looked mellow but fitted really well.

The producer of the show over the 7 weeks we have had the project has done really well. He’s been well organised and equated himself well when arranging meetings, the staff and our guests. The show was well thought out and the clips he sourced were good too.

Looking at the show itself, I personally think it lacked that edge. It didn’t push many boundaries and when I showed it to my family, they didn’t quite get it. I explained that it was based on ‘living a fantasy’ of which they replied, why didn’t the presenters say it. Looking back over the script of the show, they are many flaws to it. It misses key things out and is too short in places. It could of done with a touch of fillers before the VTs. In regards to the VTs, the quidditch one was way too quick for what it was trying to tell us, it only read out the rule list for the game. What would have been better is actually showing people playing it, or having some kind of demonstration inside of the studio. This would have also livened up what tends to look quite a flat show. The fairy VT was quite slow getting off the ground with perhaps just showing the final 20 seconds of what happened, which the audience would not have got bored with. The vampire VT however was perfect, showing a perfect amount of footage which the audience can get quickly.

Looking at the set, it could have done with something a little extra. Obviously we have to take expenses into account, but from what I can gather, there was money left over of which we could have had lights or drapes hanging around just to break up the sky and clouds. More fantasy props would have also gone a long way to making the set better. My graphics did work well with set design which I was happy about, but I feel I could have done a little more to spice things up a little bit, possibly by making a better opening and closing titles.

Personally, I loved doing a live TV broadcast. It was a real buzz being in a ‘live’ situation and I now know that TV may just be for me. I would love to give other roles ago, such as producer or floor manager and I now can’t wait to get back into that environment next year.


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