What I want from…… Formats Production

Ever since I chose to do this course way back in 2009, I was looking forward to doing the formats production module. It’s the one thing I want to do when I leave uni. I really want to get into mainstream tv or radio and it’s what I personally would be well suited to.

I feel I’m a great in a team and can lead when needed, I’m very technical savvy and can come up with solutions to where there may be problems. When we did this modules during the first year as part of our ‘Net TV’ task, I enjoyed myself so much, and tried to get involved as much as possible but, there was only so much I could do. I actually didn’t think there was so much work involved and it needed such a massive production to even get a 10 minute show going.

I have done some research into my chosen field and I will be posting a more in-depth post this week showing what I have found.

So from this unit I want to gain more skills, including camera work, sound and leadership. I’ve always seen myself as a director/producer and If I’m able to get some more experience in that area, it will be a module well picked! I also want to learn more about how these programmes are made, what sparks an idea and the organisations that make these programmes.


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