TV Studio Seminar & Practice #1

Today we had the opportunity to get settled into our new roles for this years TV production. I was really looking forward to this as I love the environment of a live studio and working as a big team.

We had a few run throughs, checking timings were ok and everyone was happy in their position. As the presenter, my main liaison is with the floor manager who is Sean. We get on well anyway so it’s good to have someone there who I can rely on and can talk freely to.

Personally, I thought I was doing a good job during the sessions. I wasn’t getting flustered or mucking up what I was saying which was great considering it’s the first time directly in front of a camera presenting, although secretly, I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time and I think I could span a good career out of it if I work hard.

The only problem that I had today was with the timings and knowing how long I’ve got left during the show. At first we agreed that I would be given a ’10 seconds till end’ signal which I personally thought was a little silly. It doesn’t give me enough time to wrap up fluidly and things seemed rush. I spoke to the director who kind of agreed with me, so we practiced with a 20 seconds till end timing sequence. It did work alot better and was easier for me to wrap things up.

It’s now time to get some ideas together for our show. During our seminar, It wasn’t really clear on what we wanted to do which was annoying. I did come up with a few suggestions but every time I relayed them to the team, it got a bit out of hand which was annoying. We also never came up with a concrete idea. Ideas such as a prank show and a talk show just seemed boring with no real emphasis on anything at all in all honestly. It was a long day however, so everyone might just have been burnt out but we really need to crack on otherwise we will be rushed and we really need the time to practice and get everything sorted.


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