Professional Experience Day

So today we had a whole day dedicated to our Professional Experience Module. The aim of the day was to get to know the different kinds of opportunities that we have over the next year or so.

After looking at the schedule of the day from the e-mail we were sent out, there was really 1 or 2 parts of the day that I was really interested, but I still went along to the whole 4 hour session just in-case something else took my fancy.

First up was the Erasmus scheme where you get to go abroad and either study or find a work placement. I was actually quite shocked at they actually pay for your fee’s and some living costs whilst you are abroad. It wasn’t something I considered before, but after hearing the speech, I will look into the scheme in more detail.  I have always wanted to live in the US and I plan to move there some time in the future, so this could be a great opportunity to test the water.

Next up was ‘Comco’, the independent production company the University is setting up. Not much was said as it’s still in it’s infancy but what they are looking at doing is exciting and something I really want to get involved with.

The next talk was from a charity group who invited us to produce media pieces on different projects around the world. The main one that stands out to me is in Tenerife where they are doing a save the whale and dolphins project. I’m a big fan of sea creatures and I think this would be a great opportunity to go to a fantastic country and see something like this first hand.

The last talk was from Steve Dawkins who introduced us to some projects that would be happening around the University. These included filming trips abroad, working in conjunction with the BBC big screen and in association with the London Olympics, a road trip to California and working with Rolls Royce. I am really looking forward to the Olympics so that was a major interest to be working with the different sports and the California road trip looks like it could be a lot of fun and a great challenge.

These series of talks today did change my idea on the whole PE programme. I already had some firm ideas in mind with what I wanted to do, but today changed things a bit, but I suppose that’s not a bad thing!


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