An Idea’s session

During our TV practice and seminar sessions today, we decided instead of practicing our roles which everybody seams comfortable in anyway, we would take the opportunity to get down some of the ideas that people had to put into our show.

This is what was discussed.

  • Battle #1 Skill – Presenters blind folded ant each throwing 3 darts to hit the board. If missed their face gets covered in; first time – flour mixed with water, second time – spaghetti hoops, third time – feathers. (stood in an empty paddling pool to collect any mess) (location-studio)
  • Battle #2 Mental – 10 women 10 men (possibly wear presenter faced badges) asked questions, every time one question is answered incorrectly the opposition side gets to crack an egg over the opposing teams representative i.e Dean, and Helena who will be wear some sort of boiler suit (dyed).
  • Forfeit – Custard poured over Dean sat in a chair. This will be filmed once our set is finalised and recorded after one of our practices. Hopefully encased box like, with a dressed up epic chair in.
  • Score summary – To be edited in after along with Graphics, Titles, and Music.

Set design ideas:

  • One main podium dressed up with the logo massively on the front and
  • winners trophy sat on top.
  • Sheets/material maybe for back drop (colours undecided)
  • Smoke machine to potentially cover the floor
  • Typical boy/girl items around the studio in typical colours


  • *Dartboard *Flour&Water, Spaghetti hoops, Feathers, Custard, Eggs
  • *Blindfold *Inflatable Paddling Pool *Typical Male/Female Objects
  • *Trophy *Smoke Machine *Face Badges *Boiler Suits
  • *Possibly Sheets/Material *Podium&Decorations *Logo Sign
  • Lights – Light filters and gels discussed and little dedos with a red filter to light up the encased gunge forfeit. Other colours not decided.
  • Sound – To experiment with clip mics
  • Camera – To experiment with the crane camera.
  • Budget set of £10 max
Overall it was a really productive session and it’s very clear now what we are doing. I also have to comment that as a group we are working really well together which is quite refreshing in comparison to last year’s project.

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