My role as a presenter

So for both my TV and Radio shows, I have been chosen as the presenter. So what exactly is a presenter?

A presenter is a  person(s) who introduces or hosts programmes. Nowadays it is common for minor celebrities in other fields to take on this role, but there are also a number of people who have made their name solely within the field of presenting, particularly within children’s television series to become a TV/Radio personality.

So what does it take to become a good presenter?

  • Confidence – Absolutely vital when working in front of a camera. The audience need to feel connected to you
  • Ability to read out loud – A key skill is reading a script aloud from a computer screen. The trick is to look like it’s all coming off the top of your head.
  • Ad-lib ability – The ability to say things off the top of your head, without reading the script. The audience need to feel your communicating with them, not reading.
  • Drive – Wanting to be successful in what you are doing, and doing it for a good cause.
  • Dress –  Different shows need different dress senses. A trendy image for presenting laid back pop shows, a serious looking atire for news reading. Make sure you feel comfortable and look the part.
  • Technique – Your voice needs to be articulated in a way that the audience will respond to. Having the right pitch at the right time to give emphasis on what you are saying.
  • Calmness – If the audience feel that you are stressed in your role, then they will become annoyed and possibly stressed themselves.
  • Practice – It makes it perfect. Stand in front of a mirror and work on your technique. Your hands make a lot of difference when your presenting.
  • Terminology – Learning the various procedures and terminology, such as VT, gallery, studio etc.

For TV, all these skills are required to give you the best opportunity in succeeding in your role. For radio however, the dress part of presenting is not important as nobody can see you however, the technique and ad-lib skills are absolutely crucial as the audience has to imagine and relate to what you are saying.

After a couple of practice sessions in my role, I feel that i’m becoming more and more confident in my role and it is one that I’m relishing. The only thing that I’m finding difficult is that we don’t have any connection to the gallery apart from through the floor manager. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get our point across and is leading into more stress. We need to come up with a solution in the near future to stop this from happening, ear pieces would be great but unfortunately they are not available!


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