Steal This Film


So after looking into the Piratebay into more detail, I came across this movie detailing the Piratebay trial, the history of piracy and people’s opinion from the media industry. It’s a great watch and I would urge everybody to watch it. My views have certainly changed after watching this.

These are the points that I found interesting:

  • The industry knows it cannot completely get rid of piracy, but they can make it as hard as possible.
  • The original Piratebay raid and shutdown was a joint venture from the Swedish Government and The White House.
  • Many producers don’t mind P2P sites as it’s free publicity and distribution.
  • People are brought up with downloading in mind and they know nothing different.
  • It doesn’t take a host of knowledge to set up P2P sites which is why there is so many.
  • It’s hard to pinpoint file sharers with ISP’s not willing to get involved due to EU regulations.
  • Every country has a different view on piracy.
  • The world of P2P is like living in “The Matrix” – People are dependant on the ‘system’
  • Pirating has been the case the whole way through history, just in different forms – Book sellers, scroll listers, music sheets.
  • History’s ‘pirates’ knew nothing of their ‘business’. There was no copyright law, just satisfying demand as their jobs.
  • Owners of the Piratebay feel they are battling against ‘greedy corporate businesses’
  • The ‘remix’ scene is alive due to P2P. After the original is changed or remixed, who then own’s that piece?
  • Sharing is unprecedented in history and will never stop.
  • Feeling is that it is a direct extension of the freedom of speech.
  • Original idea was to create a large sharing network, instead, the new goal is to ‘piss off the big boys’ in the industry.

After watching this film (which i did twice) it was clear that P2P is hurting lots of people and over the last 6 years, lots of different laws and regulations have been brought into place to try and stop P2P sharing, especially through major sites like the Piratebay. My next step in my research is looking into their trial more closely and reading up on the new laws and regulations, specifically the ‘Digital Economy Act’ in the UK.


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