The Future & Online


So the Internet, for some, a daunting place and for others a place to express their true feelings and expressions. During today’s seminar, there was a couple of questions that arose and here are my responses to them.

  • I give away too much personal information online

It’s hard to imagine that everything that you have done and ever will do on the Internet is stored somewhere, either online or on your local machine. Personally, I’m not bothered about giving my information away online. I have 2 very different persona’s and I have a different alias for when I use the Internet. I’ve been online since the age of 9, playing online games, using forums and collecting information and I would put a huge stack of money that If you put either of my alias online, you would find a lot of information about me. You are not forced to give your information away online (unless you need it for certain website registrations etc) so it’s always down to personal choice. For me personally, it’s turning into a state of the Internet might know more about me then I do myself. It’s strange to think that way, but my life has been so based around the Internet the past 13 years.

We were then told that the information taken from website is sold on to 3rd partys. Surely this is no different to your banks passing on your details (trust me, it happens, I worked for Barclays for a year!) and you trust them with your money. I feel that if the information is used in a positive way for both the people using it and yourself, then there is no problem. I for one like to be told about latests offers from clothes sites I’ve bought stuff from in the past!

  • Piracy is OK?

I suppose this depends on who you ask. For the pirates themselves, it’s great. Free entertainment, software and books without having to spend anything other then their Internet connection. For the producers of the goods, it’s terrible. They get no return on their investment or time. On the other hand, some producers see Piracy as good, without it they may not be able to afford the distribution and marketing costs. Just ask the makes of “Steal This Film”. They sent their documentary out on torrent and peer2peer websites and received massive support for doing so.

I’ll admit it, I used to pirate a whole load of entertainment and software, I still have tons of it on my hard drives dotted around my bedroom. There’s nothing I can do about it now and I see no reason to destroy the copies. After studying the media for the past 2 years, I now understand how production companies and distributors are feeling when people steal their content. One day, I’m going to be in that position and I’m going to want to be paid for my work. I have completely stopped all my peer2peer activity and closed down all 12 of my torrent accounts.

  • Your creativity is stifled by copyright laws?

The simple answer. Yes. You have to be very careful who’s toes you tread on when making new pieces. Of course, Artists need to be able to protect their work, and I’m all for that, but in the new age of remix’s, copyright laws are becoming ever apparent to be out of date. Some artists don’t mind other people altering their work to make something different, but others just throw around a copyright agreement and therefore the new piece of work is thrown in the bin. New talent comes from being creative, and sometimes to be creative you have to manipulate other peoples work into a form of your own.

I for one make videos regularly and think, “what song would go well with this, ah, I know…” The problem with this is, the artists and record labels have various pieces of copyright on this music which stops it from being used, even for student and personal purposes. That’s is really annoying, especially when you have bought the song legally. Surely this should give you access to using the song how you best see fit, but it doesn’t!

  • Our live are determined by technology?

Take a look around you, I bet within 5 foot of where you are there is a piece of technology. Games consoles, TV, DVD players, phones, computers, tablets. They dominate the way we work. If you speak to the older generation, they never grew up with this stuff in their lives. Now we have real life Angry Birds playable in a Russian market place, Facebook on the move, Youtube on your TV. It’s absolutely crazy. You cant go a day without these pieces of kit, god knows how the Amish counties do it! As a “new media” and “social media” user, I have grown up with this technology readily available to me. It gives me new ways to produce work, distribute that work and showcase that work. New technology in the form of new recording equipment and editing software will pave the way for new pieces to be produced.

The Internet is now the most used piece of technology and it would be difficult to see a life without it. It holds so much information and access to things that even when access it’s down, or a website isn’t working, you feel lost and devastated!


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