Formats distribution

After making your format, what do you do with it? What’s the point of spending all that money on making a programme without it being shown to anyone? This is where distribution plays a pivotal part.

TV has been the standard for distributing formats over history. However, it is a long and stressful process. It first has to be passed onto an executive who will then pitch that format to a commissioner. If you already have a pilot for the show at this stage it helps immensely. The commisioner will then make the desicion whether your show will be shown on TV.

The new form of distribution is now online. The Internet has made a massive impact in regards to distribution. Sites such as Youtube and Vimeo give producers a whole new opportunity to get work out into the open on a massive scale. Videos can end up going viral and perhaps find a completely different audience that other wise wouldn’t be possible with terrestrial TV.

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter gives us another way to distribute our programmes. Making pages for your production gives you a massive opportunity to get people interested by perhaps offering small trailers or anecdotes from the show which make people want to watch the full show.

With all these opportunities, you need to put in the hard graft. It’s one thing putting your videos up, but it’s another thing to put the word out there. There has to be some opportunities that will arise on the journey of making your format so you need to take every one. Blogs and RSS feeds will also attract new audiences.

This video shows how Sky Sports are distributing their content in different ways.

It’s all about finding an edge over the competition. Having some kind of “surprise” will only benefit you in trying to make your format sell.


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