I’m A Celebrity… GET ME OUT OF HERE!

So with I’m a Celebrity back on our screens this week, I thought it would be well justified into doing some more research into the show itself. It’s one of my favorite programmes each year and I get really excited like a child at Christmas when I hear the theme music!

So the show itself. Made by ITV studios and shown on ITV1 & ITV2, has been on our screens since 2002. It has been sold to 8 different countries with all series taking place in different parts of the world. The premise of the show is very simple; A group of celebrities enter a jungle and have to survive several trials and tribulations without any access to the outside world. I think the main reason that it works so well as it takes these so-called “celebrities” outside of their comfort zones.

The idea itself is made clear by ITV’s description of the show.

A cast of celebrities head Down Under and battle it out in TV’s toughest challenge. Leaving their plush pads and luxuries far behind, our celebrity campers will spend up to three weeks amongst the critters of the Australian jungle and a whole host of brand new nasty surprises, created just for them.

So what makes the show so successful? Here are it’s key points in regards to a solid format production:

  • The hook

The celebrities take part is gruesome challenges (Bush-tucker trials) in order to win food for camp. Ant and Dec are very engaging and make jokes about the situation the celebrities are in. How the celebrities in the camp engage with each other whilst being under stress.

  • Play-along-ability

You get to vote to see which celebrity takes part in the trials, then later in the show, you choose which celebrities get voted out and which celebrity wins.

  • Branding

The theme tune is well known and very distinctive. The Australian jungle is a fantastic setting and recognisable. The name of the show is also well known, as well at the presenters shouting “get me out of here….” before the show starts.

  • Repeatability

The show doesn’t change. It has a small catch up for the first 10 minutes, then it shows the trial for another 15 minutes, then a further catch up on the previous day in camp, and for the final 15 minutes, an interview with the celebrity who got evicted from the show.

  • Competition

Becoming King or Queen of the jungle. Completing each trial and celebrity is also a competition within the show itself.

  • Characters

Ant and Dec as presenters. They bring a comedic element to the show and great chemistry between themselves. The audience may not watch the show if they weren’t the presenters (I for one probably wouldn’t). The celebrities also have to be carefully chosen so there is a mixture of personalities and old/young to see how they all adapt to the new surroundings.

  • Transferability

Already sold to 8 different countries all using different parts of the world as their chosen locations. Perhaps the format could be changed, instead of being in a warm and humid setting like a jungle, why not change it to the exact opposite like a cold environment (north pole/antartica)

  • Spin-offs

ITV2 show straight after the ITV1 broadcast called “I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here, NOW”. It has extra analyse on the camps situation, comedy, gossip and an all round laid back approach to the show’s format. There is plenty of merchandise to buy from the ITV website such as toys, t-shirts, mugs and flip-flops.

So what’s next for the show. I don’t think it needs to change massively. The concept is great. Perhaps they need to entice more well known celebrities into the camp as the last 3 years haven’t had the greatest selection. They need to rethink the trials and make them more harder because so far, they havent been too challenging.

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