Conclusion to formats

Formats was really the only thing I was looking forward to when I came back to Uni in October. I thrived at last years’s opportunity to work in a TV studio environment, and I grown up always wanting a career as a TV or radio presenter. When we received both tasks in early October, I was really excited and was even more so when I was given the role of presenter in both the TV and Radio aspects our module.

The teaching on this module has been excellent. I have learnt so much in regards to how a format programme is made, what is takes to work in the TV/Radio environment and the problems that are arising in both TV and local radio. Our workshops were very engaging and encouraged me to learn more about the technical aspects of working in the formats world. The way that our lectures chose to teach was refreshing and encouraging which was in complete contrast to our first year.

I feel I made the biggest leap in the TV aspect of the module. It was challenging to work in a group with people I haven’t worked with before, however after spending so much time with my group, I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.

There is not many improvments to make in terms of the module. It already gives you a vast amount of information of the industry and helps you build knowledge and your skillset. The one thing I would change is splitting the module up. I found it difficult working on both radio and TV at the same time, and I feel that by using the first 3 weeks for radio, and the remaining 6 for TV it would work better and make it less stressful for the students.

Overall, I have enjoyed this module immensely. It’s been very useful for me as I look to pursue a career in television and has now given me even more hunger and passion for it. I hope that there is a further opportunity in the year or next year to help me further my skills some more. I would jump at the chance to help the 1st years if they needed any help. I would recommend this module to everybody who is considering studying formats production.


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