Gender Wars Evaluation

So after a long and stressful 4 weeks, this is our final TV production, Gender Wars!

Overall I would say that I’m really pleased with the outcome of our show. It’s vibrant and a little bit different to other formats.

To start, the opening titles are not of the conventional style. They are dramatic and and not as glamourous as the standard titles for format programmes. However, they work with the show and the fire that arises works with the “wars” part of the show’s title. The music that is used also works well as it is very base heavy and has a dramatic sound to it.

The main body of the show takes part in the studio. Looking at it in reality and on camera are 2 completely different things. In reality, it looked great, it had really emphasis on the colours and it was distinctive. However, when looking at it on the final edit, it looks very bland and dull which maybe due to the lighting. Saying this, with our budget in mind we did the best we could. Of course, with a bigger studio and a more expansive budget and access to more materials, we could of made it look much better. When looking at all student TV productions, it always seems to me that the set always lets the show down. Using the podium was a good idea, as it gave a centrepiece to the set of which  the viewer can focus on.

The VT we used for the ‘gunging’ is perhaps the highlight in the show. It’s dark and gloomy just like it should be as the piece is supposed to be a downer for the person being gunged (a.k.a – me). By overlapping the live feed from the studio it gives it a professional feel.

The first battle works well in the shows format, however, it looks way too dark. I like the idea that the director and lighting was going for, but I would of gone with some kind of spotlight on the presenters, especially when the forfeit was taking place. You cant really see what’s happening and it is very disappointing. However, saying this, by having half the shot on the dartboard and the other half on the presenter it gives you 2 views of the action. It uses the same technique as the darts broadcasts on TV.

The second battle however works really well. As we did it outside, it gave the VT some life as people were watching what was going on which myself and Helena could work on as the presenters. It gave me a real buzz doing something in front of a live audience which I think is apparent in the clip. The battle itself went well, up until the point where it ended up being 2-2 between the boys and girls. We didn’t have a tie-breaker question handy so we had to think of something on the top of our heads. This shows that you should always be prepared! Having the reactions from both teams in the piece was also a good idea. It shows that it’s not faked and that both teams are vocal and passionate to whats going on.

On the whole, the show works well in the current world of formats. I personally feel, if it was to be adapted more it could have ‘legs’ (Term used to show that it could go somewhere). It a channel were to pick this type of show up, I think it would be ITV2. It would go well in their current scheduling and in regards to forfeits for every task, it is most like ‘I’m A Celebrity’ in it’s ways. A production company such as ITV Studios or Granada may make this type of programme. People do feel a certain satisfaction when somebody loses and get’s things thrown at them, and unfortunately during the show, it was me getting the forfeits! The major hook in our show is that it’s a battle between the genders which has dominated life since it first began, for instance, men think they are better at driving them women, where-as women think they are better cooks. This would entice people to watch the show as they would feel satisfaction in the opposite gender losing, and disappointment in their gender losing. Merchandise could be available for the show, such as t-shirts with our logo on or perhaps board/video games.

Now, onto the actual making of the show itself. For me, it was a pleasure to work on. I got stuck into my role very early and felt I progressed in my role as presenter throughout the process. At first, I was getting confused with which camera was taking their shots in the gallery so I had to work on that quite quickly. Me and Helena as presenters bonded really well and formed a great partnership which was clear in the final show. It’s important that the audience feel at ease with the presenters. I asked a couple of friends and family what they thought of our presenting style and they felt we were clear, precise and we world well together. One of them thought we could be the new “Ant and Dec’… High praise indeed!

One major issue with the show during the making process was the graphics. Our graphics designer only made the final set of graphics a day before we were due to edit, which isn’t ideal. I then learned that the colours used in the graphics didn’t work well in the edit suite, and after looking at them myself, I could see the problems that would have arose. I did graphics last year and had to be really careful in regards to the colours chosen so I just wished she had asked for some help and advice. However, James popped in at the last minute to come up with a great logo and opening titles and I think that really shows the whole groups efforts that went into this show.

The group as a whole gelled really well, which after the first day of being put into our groups felt that wasn’t possible. However, I was competely wrong. There was a good chemistry between both the studio crew and gallery and it was a pleasure to work with the team as a whole. Everyone dug into their roles at the first opportunity which enabled us to get on with the bigger task of actually making the programme quickly. I was disappointed with the amount of people that missed group sessions. I don’t understand how people who chose to this module could be so lazy in helping out the rest of the group, however, it did enable the rest of the group to step up the plate.

How does our show work in the face of formats;

Simple Idea – Who is better, Men or Women. One line to suggest what the show is better.

Hook – Both the presenters and the audience participate in gruesome challenges with forfeits at the end.

Play-along ability – Questions during one battle with the audience also participating in the battles.

Branding – Gender Wars is a simple yet effective name. Logo shows each sex with a battle going on in it..

Repeatable – 3 rounds each week, different challenges, different forfeits.

Competition – Men or Women, which is better? By the end of the show, that satisfaction of knowing your sex won or lost. The show is all about competition.

A character – Engaging presenters, easy on the eye. Contestants need to be picked correctly.

Transferability – Every culture asks the same question, who is better, men or women. The show could easily be taken to other countries.

Spin-offs – Possible t-shirts, board/video games and presenter dolls.

Overall, the show itself was worked on well, it flows and the concept is good. More camera angles would of helped in the VTs but we had to work with what was available. By using a voice over artist to do our VT introductions to make it sound more like a professional game show which adds alot. I don’t like to blow my own trumpet but I feel that myself and Helena as the presenters really make the show. We took to the task well and was confident in our roles. Improvments could of been made in lighting and set, but due to budget and space restrictions was probably the best we could have done.

Our best efforts went into making this show, and I think that looking back at it we did a great job.


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