Radio evaluation


As an avid radio listener and personality, this part of the module was one I was really looking forward to. Above is our final piece for “Undiscovered Coventry”.

As a concept, our idea was good. We were looking to bring back a piece of heritage to the local area which was disappeared for one reason or another. So we found that Coventry used to have a zoo. We thought that this was a good idea for us to base our radio show on.

Listening back, I think the show does flow but we could of perhaps talked about the zoo a little bit more. We had too much emphasis on getting people involved via Facebook and Twitter and not enough about our concept itself. However saying this, it does have that ‘modern’ feel to the show by wanting to get the audience involved and by having ‘banter’ between the people in the studio.

As the presenter, I feel that my confidence in front of a microphone shows. It’s clear and precise and as a listener you feel engaged with the presenter. By also having an interview, it gives a different angle on just a regular show with the topic being discussed between the presenters.

However, saying this I feel that the voxpops perhaps let the piece down. They are just a bunch of people saying “No” and “Yes” and it doesn’t really add anything to the show. It was very daunting going out to get the voxpops, and with people saying no to taking part, it only knocked us back. People just don’t want to get involved in University projects and I think if you were to say you were from a big organisation like the BBC, it’d be much easier and people would be more willing to take part.

I also feel by not having a specific intro to the show it just feels rushed and it dives straight into the piece. Another problem that I have found is that when we play the sound clips for the gym, there is no explanation to that sound and why it’s being used. As the makers of the show, we know that the gym is now built on top of where the zoo was located, but the audience don’t know that, so that’s where we let the show down a bit.

The show at the moment probably isn’t ready to be a ready made segment for BBC radio. It is way too short and strives away from the main point of trying to bring something back to the area.

Personally I feel I’ve developed quite a bit throughout making our radio show. I haven’t had a lot of experience in working in a fully equipped studio, and having only presented using home DJ equipment and a laptop it was something different I had to get used to. However, I now feel way more confident after my workshop lessons and would relish the opportunity to work in the studios in the future.

The team as a whole has worked well. We are quite close as friends anyway so I knew by having Dan and Sara in my group we would get the work completed to a high standard. We all got on with our assigned roles and it’s a strange feeling not worrying about if the other members in the group are doing their jobs correctly. We decided early as a group to use the Radio 1 style of presenting by having the main presenter in the studio talking to his team which worked well with our concept. Local radio is dominated by one voice in the studio, and by doing this adds a different dimension to the standard.

If we were to do this again I would perhaps choose a different subject, such as choosing to talk about the Coventry Brewery (which I have just learnt about) or perhaps a monument or place which people havent heard of. I wouldn’t change the style of our show as I think it works.

Overall, a pleasing project with perhaps a few mistakes, but I enjoyed working on this piece.


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