#Creativact – What annoys me?

So with the first day back, it brings us to the secondary part of out Media Production in Context module, Creative Activisim.

I’m going to be brutally honest here, it doesn’t interest me much. I’m not one who wants to make a difference or make a point on a large scale. Although saying this, in the first workshop we were asked to come up with things that annoy us. Here are some of mine:

  • Posh people – Ok guys, you may have a bit more money then the rest of us and a much desired lifestyle, but your still only human like the rest of us. You don’t have to go around with your little finger in the air and travel around in a helicopter. Have a little respect for the people who don’t have that luxury. Don’t flaunt it.
  • Footballers – Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE FOOTBALL, the game is amazing. A mixture of skill, finesse, tactics, talking points, drama and personalities but the players themselves need to get a grip. You get paid on average £30,000 A WEEK to play football. That’s more then the national average PER YEAR. Don’t go down all theatrical after a tackle and don’t refuse to play (Tevez?). Imagine going to work at the local butchers and say “Sorry Boss, don’t fancy cutting meat today” “Oh Ok then, you’re fired”.
  • Nick Clegg – This guy is a sleaze. I was his biggest supporter before joining Uni. Everything he stood for was right in my mind. Until that one day in mid May 2010. He jumped into bed with the enemy, David Cameron. All so he could get a seat at the top table, drinking from the gold cup. He turned his back on EVERYTHING him and his party stoof for to inflate his ego. Well congratulations Nick, you did that, now go drown.
  • The Cost of Life – In life, everything either costs a small fortune for the majority or is loose change to others. Gas, electric, petrol, food, rent, TV etc. For me, Its not a major issue of which i’m very very grateful for, but for others it’s a massive burden on life and I feel sorry for them. Fellow students struggle to pay for their tuition and all of life’s needs (listed above). It must be hard.
  • Girls – Right, before I start off on a rant, I love Girls. Don’t get me wrong, they are great and most of my closest friends are girls. But what annoys me about girls is what I like to call “The others”. The others is my term for the girls who I find attractive in either looks or personality but just don’t seem bothered when I get up close. Theses “others” also have certain mindsets that they can mess guys like me around and we will still chase after them. Not anymore I can guarantee that. Oh, and what’s with girls wanting some kind of ‘tough man’ all the time. Get a grip, all guys will stand their ground and fight their corner, it’s just that a lot of guys don’t want to end up in prison so we don’t go round acting the “Ross Kemp” (rock solid geezer). Were onions…..

Ok, I think that will do for now. There are A LOT more things in life that do my head in which I will come back to.


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