#creativact – Challenge #1 Provoking Imagery

For this week’s challenge, we were asked to come up with an image that:

Create a single image that provokes people to think about your issue.

This could be a photograph, a design, an illustration, painting or drawing. The important point is that it needs to provoke and stimulate a reaction, and make a point. You should use visual language to ask a question, to get people to see something they haven’t seen before, to show a truth or to show an emotion.

Right then, simple enough. I had lots of different ideas running through my head. I decided to get a few pieces of feedback from my family and friends to see if the same things annoyed them and the main issue is that life now resembles Big Brother on a earth-size scale. CCTV camera’s everywhere and Social media let’s everyone know what your doing and where you are. So, to provoke those thoughts I came up with the following image:

The rest of the class also came up with their own ideas for their images. Here are the one’s that made me think most.

What strikes me about this image is that how simple it is. The empty bottles inspire an alcohol culture and the mascot in the background show’s to be drunk and collapsed on the floor which provokes my thoughts.

Again, this a simple image. It say’s to me that women don’t speak out, or are not allowed to speak out. The blood splatter effect also makes me feel that this image has something to do with violence towards women, and then relating to my first point that they are forced to keep quiet. The eyes also give off a ‘terrified’ vibe which works really well.

The final image shows 2 contrasting objects but both have the same goal. It makes me feel that the photographer is making a point of how technology is taking over the conventional way of the world. Kindles can now hold thousands of books and there is no need for the paper based format to be used anymore.


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