My Short Film Ideas

Over the last few weeks, I have been coming up for ideas for short films that I would like to make. This is the part that I love doing. In everyday life I find myself in situations where I think, “I could make a story out of that”. I look at feature films and I also try and take parts from those films and tweak, change and manipulate them to my liking. Here are my 11 that I have come up with:

  1. A man transfer cash to a group of gangsters in a disused car park. The audience thinks it’s a drug deal taking place, turns out to be a comic book exchanged for cash.
  2. A white male boy puts a bomb in his lunchbox and goes to school. Mum may give the bomb to her child and he is un-suspecting.
  3. Taxi driver takes an inspiring passenger to meet his dad for the first time, he doesn’t know that his dad is actually the one driving the taxi until they reach the destination.
  4. A shop worker feels like a good samaritan by not charging customers until the shop owner feels he needs to pay for his niceness.
  5. A man is distraught at the end of a bar drowning his sorrows. He is offered a drink by a female. The pair start to talk and the male opens up about why he is in the bar.
  6. An office worker is late for work. When he arrives, he finds his desk has gone. He speaks to his boss who has no recognition of who the worker is and questions why he is in their offices.
  7. 2 flatmates are watching the football when they both run out of beer. They argue on who’s turn it is to go to the fridge and they play silly games to decide who goes. The fridge is empty at the end.
  8. A call-center calls a unsuspecting member of the public selling an amazing problem. The public member is not interested, puts the phone on the counter and continues to cook his tea.
  9. A male DJ is working on his latest mix in his bedroom, with his headphones on and the music turned up loud, he is unsuspecting the the pair of thief’s stealing stuff from his room.
  10. 4 girls are in a car on a journey. They are laughing, singing and gossiping until they get to their destination where the audience are shocked at what the girls do.
  11. Two surgeons are in an operating theatre completing a procedure. They equipment starts beeping and the surgeons start to rush, turns out they were just playing a game of operation.
  12. A couple are in bed talking about their upcoming honeymoon. The female says she can’t wait to travel down Queensland’s coast in Australia, turns out the Male booked a holiday in Greenland. Que an argument.
  13. A lecturer runs into a hall to give a seminar on reproduction, we see various stages of him talking about sex until 1 student stands up and says he’s in completely the wrong class.

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