Outline and Scripting My Ideas

After last week’s session, I was quietly surprised to hear that Clifton like my 2 main ideas for a short film. It’s given me a lot of confidence going forward and it has also boosted my teams moral. So, with this in mind, it’s now up to me to produce an outline for both films;



Scene 1. House Back Garden. Morning

A young boy, about 10 years old is running down a garden patio heading towards a small shed wearing his school uniform. He is carrying a distinctive red lunchbox. We hear a radio in the background, and a door slam.

Scene 2. Garage. Morning

The young boy turns on the light and places the lunchbox on a work desk. He then rushes to the corner of the room and pulls out a dusty bag, he places it on the table next to the lunchbox. The boy begins to take stuff from the dusty bag and place it into the lunchbox. The boy then begins to look puzzled and takes out a folded piece of paper from his back pocket, stares at it and puts it down on the table.

In the background we hear a women-­‐shouting Aaron. This is where we learn the boy’s name. Aaron then starts to rush, and the piece of paper drops on the floor. A woman comes to the door and asks Aaron what he’s doing, he replies with nothing. She tells him it’s time for school and Aaron locks up the lunchbox and walks towards the door, he turns round and looks at the room and says, today is the day. He walks out and we can see the piece of paper on the floor, which reads, ‘How to make a bomb’.


The Exchange

Scene 1. Night – Car Park

A middle-­‐aged male drives into a derelict car park in his banged up car. He is in some kind of distress; he is shaking uncontrollably and sweating profusely. His eyes are bloodshot and has a 5 o’clock shadow. We can see the car park; there is lots of graffiti and a tramp in the corner taking a nap. Back in the car, the male is trying to hum along to the radio, and he taps away on the steering wheel. The male then looks at the passenger seat and there is a large sum of cash wrapped in an elastic bag, along with a magnifying glass and a number of clear wallets.

In the background we hear a large skidding noise, we then see a black 4×4 vehicle coming towards the male car. The male then mumbles a few words and picks up the cash and starts to get out the car.

In the 4×4, we can see 3 males. They all have a ‘bouncer-­‐esque’ look to them. The male in the back tells the others that they know the plan; if he tries anything, keep it clean. They pull the car up next to the other, step out the car and stand next to it.

The main characters then exchanged pleasantries and begin to question each other. Have you got the package? Have you got the cash? There is silence between parties until the male character, that we have now known to be called Adam hands over the cash, telling the gang that he want’s no trouble. Adam keeps scratching himself of which the head honcho asks why. Adam need’s his fix. After receiving the cash, the head honcho tells one if his men to collect the package.

He then hands the package in a briefcase over to Adam and tells him to remember that this transaction never took place. They then get in the car and leave at speed. Adam hurries into the car and doesn’t even bother to look at the contents. He struggles to put the key in the ignition. Come on come on he shouts, and then begins to speed away.

Scene 2. Night. Adam’s House

Inside the house, Adam puts on the gas stove and places a spoon next to it. In the dining room, Adam turns on a small table lamp and places the briefcase on the table. He sits down and quickly opens the briefcase. Adam smiles and pulls out a Spiderman comic book. We can hear in the background the sound of a boiling teapot, we then end with Adam saying time for a cup of tea.


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