#creativact – My Remix

Continuing with my theme of Apple, I have chosen to slightly alter the Apple website and it’s promotional page of the iPad 2.

The changes I have made are to the text and to the picture used. I’ve chosen to do it on the ‘Facetime’ page as it’s one of the biggest applications that Apple promotes and it also works well with the case study I am currently involved in. The thing that I like most is that Apple is very secretive in how they treat their workers, by utilising the ‘Facetime’ aspect, it’s breaking the mold. I think it works really well.

My original idea was to take the promotional videos that Apple makes for it’s products and cut to the different protests, but it just didn’t work with what the ‘head honchos’ of Apple were saying during the video. I still wanted to use the audio parts becuase it’s very distinctive to Apple and the voices and music used is well known.

However, saying this I am really happy with my final piece!


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