#creativeact – The Empathy Task

Try and live with without something that other people don’t have (such as the internet, money, clean water, Facebook, supermarkets) for an extended period of time. Document your thoughts and feelings throughout this time.

For this weeks empathy task, I have chosen to live without the Internet for 48 hours. It’s going to be really really tough, I don’t think there is not an hour goes by without me surfing the web by some sorts. Either on Facebook/Twitter, shopping, looking at the news or doing my banking. I’ll be going back to the old means of using the TV or Newspapers for my information. The problem is that my Virgin TV service in my room is ran from the Internet, so I think that also counts, so i’ll be sticking to freeview! The more I think about it, the more I begin to hate the idea because I am probably the worst person to attempt this. I’ve been using the Internet since I had a old 56k dial-up connection in 2000 playing Return To Castle Wolfenstein, using retro messaging boards and slowly making my way around v.05 BETA of Habbo Hotel!

I will be recording video footage of the 48 hours to update on how the task is going. I think what’s important to show is what i’m actually doing and that needs to be done quickly because this is only a small 3 minute piece. The film we watched called “No Impact Man” got it’s point across really quickly which is key to immediately get the viewers attention. I feel a small montage of about 30 seconds explaining the internet and my plan would be great. As far as I can see, there hasn’t been a documentary focussing on people talking the Internet off, although I did find a strange website called ‘Turn Off The Internet‘. Apparently you can turn off all access to the Internet with just the push of one button, if only it was that simple!


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