Short Film Crit #1

Today we had our first ‘crit’ to allow the lecturers and other groups to see what our idea for a short film was and to see if they had any ideas on how it could be improved or even change the idea at all! We created a presentation to show everyone what we have come up with so far.

This was the feedback we got:

  • A well-rounded and thought out presentation.
  • Very brave idea and this film could be really good.
  • Character profiles and locations well covered.
  • Good research and preparation
  • Film wasn’t really clear.
  • Ending is very suspect.

We also had a production group feedback session so that the lecturers could get a sense of our film, and so that we could get some tips on what lies ahead for us in the next couple of weeks. They felt the idea is great, although they did gives us some ideas in regards to the story. They felt it was perhaps lacking something, the question they has was “why would a mother do this to the child”. So we have had to come up with a new plan for the story. The ideas that we had was to completely remove the child from the story and concentrate on the main women character. Perhaps the story would be that she loses her husband in Iraq etc and she wants to get her revenge.

The next step we have to do is create a new script to home these changes. We need to get a definite on an actress and locations and to also get our shooting schedule set.


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